Stuffcool Clasp Mini Mobile Holder

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Features :

  • Cushioned expandable holder with exclusive secure locking mechanism
  • 360° adjustable joint for optimal viewing angles
  • Extra strength suction lock
  • Flexible banding neck
  • Disc Mount for dashboard mounting

Thanks to GPS and Google Maps, navigating around has become a breeze; the only problem is that you can get fined for simply holding a phone or GPS device in your hands while driving. This makes it imperative that we invest car mounts that can support easy navigation while driving. The Stuffcool Clasp Mini Dual Use Car Mount Holder is unique as one can place the holder on Dashboard or windshield glass. Generally, it is difficult to affix Car Mount Holder on dashboard as many dashboards have rough textures and the suction feature does not work here. To solve this, Clasp Mini comes with Free Suction Disc, which has solid 3M adhesive on the bottom and thus sticks to rough surface of dashboards. Once the suction disc is stuck on dashboard, mount can be easily affixed on this disc due its super smooth top surface! The clasp Mini comes in three parts (assembly and disassembly is intuitive) - Phone / GPS holder, Short Arm and Suction Disc. The holder is so designed that by the click of a button on its back, it opens up it arms and you can place your phone or GPS device and close the arms and tight lock fit the device. Holder has much of its area covered by soft cushion to have smooth device placing and removing from it without getting scratched. The holder can fit in devices that measure between 50 mm to 95 mm in width. The 360-degree swivel short rotating arm affords different degrees of viewing angles and allowing easy driving view. . . Get one now!

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