NOS Octane Booster Racing Formula 364ml Fuel Additives NOS

NOS Octane Booster Racing Formula 364ml

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  • Safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic convertors
  • Increases octane effect up to 3.1 full octane numbers or 31 points (1 octane = 10 points)
  • Cleans fuel injectors and combustion chamber
  • Excellent as a lead substitute 
  • reduces hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions
  • Meets BMW requirements for IVD detergency 
  • Provides corrosion protection
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Prevents Valve Sticking
  • Eliminates engine knocking and pinging
  • Prevents stalling and hesitation
  • Recommended for high-performance engines plus marine, industrial, lawn, farm and recreational. 


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